4 Parcel Consignment from JUST £36.40

4 Parcel Consignment from JUST £36.40


Product Details: Any single parcel up to 20kg to Mainland UK. Maximum dimensions: 90cm x 70cm x 60cm.

Please ensure your maximum dimensions do not exceed 90cm x 70cm x 60cm. By exceeding these dimensions your consignment is at risk of being security checked and a surcharge to be levied which must be paid prior to delivery.

Important: All parcels must be boxed to use this service.

Non boxed items will be returned and a surcharge of £10 will be applied

Packing Instructions: Please ensure all parcels are clearly address labelled and suitably packaged for shipping.


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Next Day UK Delivery Service

Four Item Consignment to Mainland UK – £36.40

Product Details: Any four parcels, each weighing up to 20kg to the same address in Mainland UK. Maximum dimensions of each parcel: 90cm x 70cm x 60cm. Please specify the individual sizes in the notes section below.
First parcel charged at £12.90. Second parcel charged at £8.50. Third and fourth parcel charged at £7.50.

General Terms: Price quoted based on weight and consignment size entered or list item selected.
Insurance included – £7 per kg of weight of the consignment. Additional insurance can be purchased.
All next day delivery services unfortunately can not be guaranteed due to events beyond our control. 97% of consignments are delivered next day.

Goods must not be Handed to Collection Driver without a tracking Label being attached.


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